Monday, May 9, 2011

Healing with Green Light

The PeaceWeavers have been using green light therapy for two decades with great results.  We use it not only for healing ourselves, our kids, and our pets, but also for healing sessions (e.g. therapeutic massage) with clients and at our retreats in meditation, yoga and talking stick circles.

The color green is the most balanced color; it's right in the middle of the color spectrum.  It has a very stabilizing and calming effect on the body.  It is the color of strength and youthfulness.  In the Chakra system, green is the color of the heart chakra, or love.

We first learned of the health benefits of green light from our dear elder Bhante Dharmawara, a Buddhist monk who lived to be 110 years old.  Bhante discovered the goodness of green light while in the jungles of Thailand. He observed that those who were ill healed much faster if they stayed outside where sunlight would shine through the canopy of green, lush leaves producing wonderful rays of healing green light.

Bhante's prayer in honor of the Green Light ~

O Green Rays of Balancing Cosmic Force,
Thou art the Source of Strength, Energy and Youthfulness,
Flow on me thy Eternal Rays of Wisdom's Source,
Make my Mind and Life Evergreen and Fresh,
O Emerald Rays of Great Harmonizing Light
Make me thy Instrument,
Fit to serve Mankind

Please be in touch with us if you would like to purchase a green light and stand to aid you in your personal healing or healing practice.  We have special dichromatic bulbs that burn green as well as light stands that will accommodate the higher voltage and are attractive and adjustable for home or office. 

We also have a CD recorded by Greg Lynn Weaver, our spiritual director and Bhante's healing attendant, entitled Green Light Meditation.  This is an excellent support for meditating and healing with the green light.

To order a light, stand or cd, or if you have any questions, please call us at 607-776-4060 or email us at

To learn more about Bhante, please see our the Elders page on our website -

Here are a few tips for using your green light:
Please use your light often.  There is no limit to the healing benefits you can receive.

Shine it on you ( and family members) before bed and upon waking to promote wellness.
Allow at least 4 feet between you and the 150 watt light bulb.
Meditate with it shining on you.
Use it while you are working.
Shine it on the ceiling to illuminate the room with green light.

Do not touch the lit bulb, it gets extremely hot.
If handled with care, your green light bulb will last a very long time.